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About Reliable Nannies


Reliable Nannies is a Nanny Agency/Service based in Ottawa, Ontario started by group of women originally from the Philippines who came to Canada to work as Nannies/Caregivers themselves many years ago and now Professionals in their chosen careers. Abby Mariano, the owner and manager of Reliable Nannies is a graduate of B.S. in Psychology and has 10 years experience managing a Nanny Agency who decided to run her own Company considering her wide range of knowledge in this field both local and overseas placements. She helped a lot of families find their best possible Nanny match. Our staff is committed and dedicated in searching the most reliable and trusted Caregivers to provide quality care and safety environment to your love ones. We take our time to ensure all our candidates are screened and meets all the necessary requirements and qualifications.

At Reliable Nannies, we value long term relationship and reliability. We are passionate in helping busy families live a balance lifestyle by providing that extra hand in your household.

We believe that offering a more personal service to connect Families and Nannies is a good way to start in finding the right person that would suit your needs. We assessed every family's home care needs and match you with candidates who fits your criteria and same goes for the Nannies, we also ensure that you are happy with all the terms and expectations of the employer. 






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